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Urgent Dental Care for Arlington, WA

Accidents can happen anytime. A seemingly innocent slip and fall may not have lasting physical damage, but can have serious damage to your teeth. If you find yourself with chipped teeth, unexpected tooth sensitivity or a broken tooth, don’t wait to undo the damage. Receive emergency dental care from the experienced Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Pham of Smile Now Dental. We understand that no one can plan for an emergency, so we’ll get you in as soon as possible for urgent dental care. Our experienced staff provides excellent emergency dental care in our Arlington, WA location.

Our dentists are passionate about providing excellent dental care to their patients. Whether it’s an emergency root canal, tooth removal or general dental care, we give each of our patients our undivided attention. Our services range from treating minor accidents to total dental avulsions.

Emergency Breaks, Chips or Cracks

While you might not assume so, sudden breaks, chips or cracks can cause more problems than an unsightly tooth. They can cause pain, temperature sensitivity, swelling and other uncomfortable symptoms. You shouldn’t have to live with the pain. Turn to Smile Now Dental for affordable urgent dental care. While it depends on the situation, we can save or restore your broken or chipped tooth.

Urgent Toothache Treatment

A toothache might seem manageable, but if you leave it alone for too long, it can get worse or it could be a sign of something serious. Continuous toothaches can indicate tooth decay or other issues. If you feel any pain or discomfort, don’t ignore it. Contact the experts at Smile Now Dental immediately.

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You shouldn’t have to live with tooth discomfort or pain for long. If you’re in need of emergency dental care, call Smile Now Dental today. We’ll get you in for an emergency appointment as soon as possible. Call us today at 360-386-9727.

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