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Quality Dental Implants near Marysville, WA

Missing teeth can cause a slew of inconveniences and health issues that could be resolved with quality dental implants. Patients in the Marysville, WA area can rely on Smile Now Dental to provide excellent dental implant procedures. Your oral health is important to look after, especially when issues present themselves early on. Dental implants allow patients to chew properly, talk easier, and subsequently avoid more severe health concerns. Speak with our dental professionals to learn more about your affordable dental implant options.

Dental Implant Procedures

If you are missing teeth, you should consider the benefits that dental implant procedures can offer patients. We provide advanced dental procedures at our modern dental clinic near Marysville, WA to make it convenient for you to receive service. You can be sure to receive excellent treatment and dental implants that will help you attain a beautiful set of pearly whites. In addition to aesthetic enhancement, our affordable dental implants are designed for durability and comfort.

Although there are different types of dental implants, a common procedural technique is called the Endosteal implant. This is achieved by securing a titanium screw onto the jaw and covering it with a tooth-like cap. It looks just like a regular tooth and won’t give you any problems when you eat or floss either. If a patient has diminished jawbone, dentists may recommend Subperiosteal dental implants, which are attached above the jawbone instead. Another option would be to undergo a bone augmentation surgery before getting a dental implant.

Why Choose Smile Now Dental?

We are the best choice for dental implant procedures anywhere near Marysville, WA. The professional team at Smile Now Dental provides outstanding patient care and services that far outshine other dental clinics. Our dentists offer affordable dental implants for patients who seek safe and dependable solutions. With our extensive training and skilled approach, you are in good hands when you visit Smile Now Dental. If you have any questions about our dental implant procedures, don’t hesitate to ask our knowledgeable staff.

Contact Us For Affordable Dentistry

Affordable dental implant procedures are a viable option with help from the professionals at Smile Now Dental. Our trained and knowledgeable staff is highly skilled in performing dental implants of all types. After an evaluation of your dental condition, we can advise you as to which option may be most beneficial for you. Visit us at our Arlington location near Marysville, WA, to get started as soon as possible. You may reach us at (360) 386-9727 for an appointment.

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